About Us

Marc t. Nielsen Interiors has been making the world a more beautiful place for almost a century.

About Marc t. Nielsen Interiors

Who are we and what do we do?

Here at Marc t. Nielsen Interiors, we have been making dream homes a reality since 1924. We are a small, dynamic design team with a wide repertoire. Nestled in the scenic Suman Valley, just outside of downtown Valparaiso, Indiana and about an hour from downtown Chicago, we make magic happen every day in our clients’ homes and businesses.

Simply put, we create showstopping spaces.

Our professionally trained design staff can help you create a beautiful and functional environment. Whether you’re renovating a historic home, freshening up a business space, or simply looking to breathe new life into a family heirloom like a sofa or credenza, we’ll make it happen. Wherever you’re at in the design process, we will guide you to a brilliant result. We will listen to you and help you select structural and decorative materials, or plan your space, or suggest inviting colors and furnishings that will make your space feel more “you.”

We also have onsite workshops.

In this well-equipped facility, we craft custom drapery, upholstery, furnishings, light fixtures, and picture frames.

And we have an incredible antique shop and gallery that is definitely worth a visit.

Our wonderful antique store is located just across the driveway from our offices. It occupies approximately 3000 square feet on the ground level of an enchanting Tudor-style barn. Inside, you’ll find antiques, furnishings, carpets, and accessories from all around the world. We also showcase artworks by both local and distant artists. This furnishes us with an unmatched supply of beautiful, unique materials to use in our projects, when appropriate. It also affords our customers the opportunity to test these items in their own spaces, without committing to an “order” or waiting for orders to arrive.

What do we believe in?

Marc t. Nielsen Interiors was founded on a set of core values representing its commitment to customers, employees, and community. This set of values is the compass that continues to guide us through each and every project.

We believe in creativity. We believe in solving problems using artistic sensitivity and resourcefulness, maintaining high quality standards

We believe in personal values. We respect business integrity, social and environmental responsibility, and commitment to family.

We believe in honoring our clients. We respect every client’s needs and desires. We respect their individual situations and budgets. And we protect their privacy.

We believe in sharing our expert vision. We are constantly learning, growing, and improving, so that we can provide unparalleled industry knowledge. We offer our clients foresight and a comprehensive scope of services from the outset of every project. We anticipate and solve problems with creativity and gusto.

We believe in expediency. We meet our clients’ needs swiftly and progressively.

We believe in giving back. We are truly fortunate to practice a profession providing comfort, beauty, and safety in the homes and workplaces of our customers. It is also our privilege and responsibility to give back to our community. We make a point of supporting local shelters and services that help those without homes. We strive to help those less fortunate to have a safe, functional, and attractive place to live.

Interested in learning more?

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