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   Since 1924, Marc T. Nielsen Interiors has been helping people create beautiful, comfortable environments fulfilling their needs and desires. Our professional design staff, rich with ideas, will listen to you and help you select structural and decorative materials, plan your space, and suggest inviting colors and furnishings with which to live. We have our own drapery, upholstery, custom furnishings, light fixtures, and picture-framing workshops, a vast library of fabrics, wall coverings and furniture as well as an intriguing collection of antiques and interesting furnishings in our Tudor Barn.

Photos by Trent Albert Photos by Trent Albert Photos by Trent Albert
Photos by Trent Albert
Photos by Trent Albert
Photos by Trent Albert

Valerie Steil ASID - President, Marc T. Nielsen Interiors

Image: Valerie Steil, ASID     Since beginning her career as an interior designer in 1980, Valerie has designed residences in diverse locations including Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, and Arizona. She has become a trusted voice on achieving liveable interiors that are practical, comfortable, indicative of the spirit of the residents, and elegant as appropriate. Clients range from the very discriminating, to the style-challenged or style-confused.

     Valerie has learned to manage large complex projects, for a very discerning clientele, with the help of her capable staff, and knows the value and comfort of design that transcends time. She draws design inspiration from her extensive travels, constant reading, and her associations with other professionals, artists, musicians, cooks, and active families, including their active pets. Valerie walks through all the phases of the design process with confidence and grace while maintaining her humor, thus making what can be a stressful process easier, more fun and more relaxing.

Virginia Phillips ASID

Image: Virginia Phillips, ASID     Virginia Phillips joined Marc t. Nielsen Interiors in Chicago in 1953. Working with Mr. Nielsen afforded an opportunity to create interiors far beyond the scope of other beginning designers. His talent in working with people was distinguished by caring for his clients; understanding their needs and desires, and giving more to them than they even knew they wanted. Virginia learned that lesson well. Coupled with her natural creativeness, she was able to achieve beautiful environments. Her clients keep coming back with new projects as their lives evolve.

     Virginia has always painted, but infrequently, until 1987, when she became more of an abstractionist. When she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997, showing “energy” in her paintings became more important, stretching colors far beyond reality. She abstracts the subject sometimes just to the point of awareness. Call Virginia for interior design work and to see the development of her art.


Dot Kesling, Stylist

Image: Dot Kesling, Stylist     Ms. Kesling is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She worked in store merchandising prior to raising her family, and now adding her transformative abilities to the team at Marc t. Nielsen Interiors. Ms. Kesling has taken her fashion sense and given a new twist to many home interiors.

     Additionally, she is an avid photographer, which has enabled her to look at spaces from a different perspective. She shares the Marc t. Nielsen philosophy that one should "shop" in one's own home first, making the best of what we already have, and then adding what is needed and desired to create the ultimate interior.

Monica Schuberth, Operations Manager and Director of Marketing

Image: Monica Schuberth     Monica is a graduate of Indiana University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art/Ceramics. She was born and raised in the Chicago area. Monica worked in the newspaper industry for over 15 years where she gained many years of training in graphic design. Prior to joining Marc t. Nielsen Interiors, Ms. Schuberth owned and operated Mirage Design, a graphic design company for 14 years. She brings many talents, including amazing organizational skill and the ability to manage several operations concurrently, along with her creativity and fun sense of humor.

      Monica presently lives in St. John with her husband and two children (who are also all very talented!) And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that she makes fabulous cookies! (often with her daughter’s assistance). Stop in and if you’re very lucky you’ll get one.


Image: KC     KC has been with us since that fateful morning, 9/11/2001, when she showed up at our back door, peering through the window. She easily moved in to the Vermin Control position, and we immediately noticed a reduction in acorn stashes around the office and workshops. She often assists Monica with welcoming customers from one of her favorite spots-- the center of Monica's desk. However, she is often asked to patrol outdoors when we have "cat-sensitive" guests in the studio. She is actually quite fine with this.

      Since joining us, she has developed a keen appreciation of textiles, showing a strong preference for natural fibers, particularly wool and silk. So when our fabric reps are here, she is often again asked to patrol the grounds outdoors. She is less fine with this, as she really loves to roll around in all those wonderful, luxurious fabrics. Who can blame her?

Community Organizations We Have Supported
VNA Foundation
Porter County Sheriff's Dept. #165
Valparaiso Family YMCA
Valparaiso Firefighters #1124
Valparaiso FOP #76
Memorial Opera House
Spring Valley Shelter
Northwest Indiana Symphony
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Kiwanis Club - Chesterton
Porter Countty Community Foundation
United Way of Porter County
Opportunity Enterprises
Community Coalition Action
WVLP Community Radio
St. Paul School
Porter Hospital
The Salvation Army of Porter County
Indiana University NW - Innovative Leadership
Chantal's Music Institute
Purdue North Central Forum
Christian Community Action
LaPorte Symphony Orchestra
American Parkinson Disease Association
Talltree Arboretum "Artist Inspiration Day"
Porter County Historical Society