Electronic Consultations

We would like to help you with your self care!

Before: Very unsettled in their new home!  And no time to do anything about it.

If you have found that you or a loved one need to self quarantine, we can help make that time productive, fun, and possibly more beneficial to your health. Through the end of April, we are offering a special electronic consultation for $199. This is a tremendous saving!

How does this work?
It is as simple as going through your home room by room. Sitting down in each room, looking at all sides and corners of each room. Take photos of all these views. Then, take a really good look at the photos. If what you see is pleasing and nurturing to your soul, good job! If not, send the photos, of up to two spaces in your home, to us. Our designers, Valerie Steil and Katie Cooper, will look them over and provide ideas, suggestions and a “punch list” for you. Sketches may be included if needed to illustrate something. Armed in this way, you can begin to work on improving your home while you may be spending more time there. We may ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us help you. Studies have shown that our near environment can add to our stress and health issues, but it can also help improve those issues.

AFTER: Using their own furnishings, we got them in much better shape with a punch list to continue making progress.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call if you need further information. It is our great privilege and pleasure to help people have more wonderful homes, be they humble or grand. Payment is required prior to work beginning. Photos need to be received before the 30 of April.

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