design services

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Our experts offer comprehensive design and project management at every stage of the design process. Whether you haven’t drawn up blueprints yet, you’re in the thick of construction, or you’re already moved into a space, we can guide you to your desired outcome.

Marc t. Nielsen Interiors is one of the most trusted voices in interior design in Indiana, and with good reason. We’ve been helping our clients achieve their dream Valparaiso Indiana homes since 1924. We work with interior design clients all over northwest Indiana, including Crown Point, Michigan City, St. John, Porter, Chesterton, and also into Chicago and beyond. We’ve tackled just about everything, whether it’s an interior design project in Hobart for a historic farm property, or a modern high-rise condo in downtown Chicago. We can assist with homes and retail spaces of any age, from a 100-year-old bungalow to one of the many new construction homes in northwest Indiana.

Why work with us?

1. Because we can get you off on the right foot, and help you stretch your budget further.

Are you somewhere in the early design stages? Call us to set up a consultation. We’ll take a look at your existing blueprints and suggest improvements to make sure you’re happy with the result of your investment! We can also review details of existing bids with you, to ensure you’re getting the best results for your budget and keeping stress to a minimum. Then we can walk through the rest of the process with you.

2. Because we can minimize stress.

Whether you’re tackling an enormous project (like a whole-house remodel) or a smaller one (like giving your dining room a facelift), design can be stressful. Every project is a tangle of moving parts. There are so many decisions to make, so many timelines and budgets to juggle, and so many different people involved. One of our top interior designers can ease the stress this brings. Experienced in project management, our experts can liason between you and your builder during the construction process. Or one of our Valparaiso interior designers can keep all craftsmen, installers, plumbers, electricians, and contractors on the same page.

3. Because we can make the most of what you already have.

In good design, every piece matters. Sometimes it takes an outside eye to assess a familiar space. If you’re craving a newer, more functional living space, but you’d like to keep most or all of what’s already in your home, one of our top interior designers can help. We’ll sit down with you to learn about your needs and wishes, and then create a new space plan or furniture layout that works for you. We can utilize your existing furnishings, and/or incorporate new pieces into the mix. We can style your home with pieces you already know you love, and suggest what is yet needed to reach your goals.

4. Because we won’t try to sell you what you don’t need.

At MtN, we know that every client is different, so we take care to understand exactly what works best for your taste, budget, and needs. Not everyone needs comprehensive design services. Some clients prefer to receive our advice and then handle the rest of the project themselves. We are happy to offer design consultations by the hour. We can establish your objectives for the consultation and maximize time, and then give you some actionable steps and advice for your design project. Similarly, we wouldn’t try to redecorate an entire room for a client who simply needs expert assistance selecting interior or exterior paint colors. We can even help you choose custom window treatments, pillows, and bedding, or hang and install artwork you’ve already selected. Or are you listing your home for sale, and simply want someone to stage your space to ensure it appeals to buyers? We can do that. However long (or short!) your list is, we’ll help you check off each item with enthusiasm, expertise, and an eye on your budget.

5. Because we’ll keep you ahead of the game.

We’ve been a top interior designer in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area since 1924, which means we bring a breadth and depth of experience that spans nearly a century. Consequently, during a project, we think of things about the space that wouldn’t occur to you until you actually live in it. For example, which components of a room should be adjacent to one another, and why? Or how much storage do you actually need for each section of the space? Because we’ve completed so many successful design projects, it’s easier for us to anticipate these logistical puzzles and get things done right the first time.

Ready to team up with us and get your interior design project done right the first time? Contact us here to set up a consultation.